Smart Energy Solution (SES)

Smart Energy

APAT provides a complex multi-layer system of hardware/software components and communication technologies that aim to gather heterogeneous data from different sources (e.g. consumers, suppliers, distribution and transmission systems) and act upon these data. In other words, this solution enables various assets (e.g. devices, software packages, web services, and user portals) to communicate with each other based on standard protocols. It is designed to address the high-level requirements of modern energy ecosystem. Smart Energy solution fits well into different kinds of buildings, i.e. residential, commercial, and industrial, turning every single consumer into a prosumer.

Why Smart Energy?

• Providing global vision
• Distributed architecture
• Providing modularity
• Supporting standard protocols while providing tools to extend new protocol drivers
• Rich library of predefined function blocks
• Providing software tools for adding new function blocks
• Built-in engines to run “forecast”, “prediction”, and “optimization” algorithms
• Big data handling for millions of assets and data points

Smart Energy for Residential Buildings

With various electrical appliances, homes have a substantial share in energy consumption (more than 25%). Integrating Smart Energy solution into Smart Building creates an energy management-enabled smart home where the smart home loads can be managed based on demand response.

Smart Energy for Commercial and Industrial Buildings

More than two thirds of energy consumption takes place in commercial and industrial buildings where lots of devices rely on electricity. APAT solution combines on-grid and off-grid controllers with its smart energy platform to make the most value out of its energy smartness.