IoT Platform2


Seize the Opportunities of IoT

APAT extensible portfolio of IoT products/solutions enables service and solution providers to grab the best of opportunities in market. Wide range of products including an IoT platform and several IoT-based edge and fog devices make the market entry smoother, cheaper, and faster.

Data Connictivity

HPI can communicate reliably with virtually all kind OT devices using standard OPC technology. HPI can efficiently communicate with IT services and IoT devices & platforms using REST Interfaces based on Open API.


HPI’s high performance graphics, alarm/event and historical trend viewing capabilities on desktop, web browser or mobile using technologies like HTML5/CSS3 let operators and other stakeholders to efficiently monitor and control the manufacturing process and take timely and informed decisions in critical situations.


Publish and share the information gathered or produced by HPI. Design powerful reports in Microsoft Excel. Automatically build reports and logsheets based on external triggers/events


APAT decentralized control systems, DXS consists of a comprehensive set of networked I/O modules, controllers, gateways, information servers and operation/engineering stations to automate and control all kinds of industrial processes with any degree of complexity


Ad-hoc query builder and user-created analytics code written in languages such as Python, enables stakeholders of Operations Integration Management and other data teams, can run queries on the combination of historical information, relational databases, which allows them to gain insight into the processes and assets under supervision.