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HPI Reports

HPI Reports provides an integrated report designer which is based on Microsoft Excel. HPI has different built-in report templates which enable the user to generate various kinds of reports without any need for programming. One can design reports in Microsoft Excel during the design mode and configure it to be generated on a specific schedule or on user demand during run mode. Various data sources are supported as the input data to a formula in each cell of the report sheets. The data sources are provided either through DIS or through the Reporting Subsystem’s own connections. They are as follows:

  • Real-time Data (acquired from real-time devices)
  • Historical data and aggregate functions
  • Multi historical data and aggregate functions
  • Alarm and event log (Including duration and aggregate functions on A&E)
  • Microsoft SQL Server Database
  • Database Query (Any relational data base through ODBC and

HPI Reports supports many export formats such as HTML, XML, EXCEL, CSV, Text and PDF. This system supports multiple media to send exported reports. The engineer/operator can select from the following media:

  • Local file copy
  • FTP
  • Mail Servers
  • Web Portal (SharePoint Portal Server or Services)
  • Printer