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HPI Historian

HPI Historian (HIS) subsystem stores and retrieves historical information (gathered through DIS) to and from the system file-based real-time data store, Microsoft SQL server 2005/2008 (various editions), and other relational databases. Sampling of the real-time data is performed periodically, or upon data change, and the data gathering can be disabled or enabled in runtime. It supports archiving of tens of thousands of points per second. It is also fully scriptable using VB.NET and C# languages. With powerful analysis and publishing features, HIS enables relevant information retrieval from raw data and information publishing throughout the plant to support better operation and managerial decision making.

A selective bulk insert facility is available to send the required historical data to the MS SQL Server for further analysis. Sampling is periodic or based on node data change.

Display of real-time and archived data trends in HPI is performed by the Trend Viewer component. A maximum of 16 variables can be included in one Trend Viewer component using user-defined colors. Trends can be added and removed in runtime based on the configuration settings. All standard aggregate functions are available on the retrieved data. A handy “export to MS Excel” facility provides a quick yet powerful way for data analysis.