Monitoring and Configuration Tools

Monitoring and Configuration Software

APAT Monitoring and Configuration Software is a cloud-based platform that provides customized graphics pages for real-time visualization of data of various sources along with the capability of efficient alarm management and data/event display and archiving. This software can also be used to generate dynamic reports out of archived and real-time data. Moreover, it provides a web-based user interface that can be designed and customized seamlessly.


• Service-oriented architecture, developed based on .NET framework
• True color, full-featured 2D graphics, with an eye on visual ergonomics
• Horizontal scalability
• Expansive symbol library and pre-defined shapes
• Supporting OPC servers, different equipment, controllers, and databases
• GIS integration
• Multi-level redundancy
• Multiple security levels
• Supporting VB, .NET and C# scripting
• Applicable on HTML5
• Applicable on Android and iOS
• Graphical Displays
• Report Generation
• Alarm/Event Management
• Online/Offline Maps
• Analytics
• Trend Viewer
• Dashboards
• Web-based Monitoring

Application Software

The mobile application is designed with a focus on usability and user-friendly interface. With APAT intelligent technologies, the user can control and monitor the alarm system and automation appliances from all around the world in real-time.


• Developed based on Cordova framework
• Supporting Android, iOS, and Windows Phone
• User-friendly
• Compatible with other applications
• Low power consumption
• Customizable