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FAQs, Questions About HPI Software
10/7/2012 3:12:06 AM

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1. Why choosing HPI?

is a fully scalable, powerful, easy to configure, web-enabled HMI/SCADA (Human Machine Interface / Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) software for industrial automation and it is fully portable and independent of the control system.

2. What kind of project can HPI be used for?

It is possible to use HPI for a small project as a single station project or use it for a very large project with several servers and clients as a multi station project.

3. Is it possible to use HPI for a very large project?

Yes, it is possible to use it for a very large project with several servers and clients as a multi station project.

4. What is HPIDesign mode?

HPIDesign provides an interface for designing projects, graphic pages, reports, alarms and server configurations.

5. What is HPIRun mode?

HPIRun is used for running the designed project and monitoring the production line and generating reports.

6. Is it possible to use OPC servers in other pc stations?

Location of OPC servers in network doesn’t affect project type. This means a standalone project can use OPC servers in other PC stations.

7. What is Engineering work station (ES)?

This is a station for the engineers to design project using HPIDesign and PCE applications.

8. What is Operator work station (OS)?

This station is used for running the designed project using HPIRun.

9. What is Historical Data Warehouse (HDW)?

This package is designed for providing features for backup, archive and deleting project run-time data.

10. What is the role of Project Server (PS)?

This is a server which provides services for maintaining the design source of the project and delivers a multi-engineering environment. Each project can have one Project server.

11. What is DXS Information server (DIS)?

This server collects data from the available devices and delivers them for monitoring in HPIRun. Each project can have several DISs and each DIS can have one redundant. DIS is the most essential part of HPI application. It acquires information from production line and other sources and provides it for HPI clients.

12. How many ES can a project have?

Each project can have unlimited number of engineer work stations. In the case of having more than one ES, Project server component is necessary.

13. Is it possible to have more than one OS for each project?

Each project can have unlimited number of operator work stations.

14. Is it possible to have two HDW for one project?

Each project can have one Historical Data Warehouse.

15. Is it possible to Save/Copy projects while HPI Run mode is running?

No, first it should be stop and Save/Copy in HPIDesign mode then run.

16. What is the minimum free space for installing and running HPI?

The hard disk on which HPI is installed needs at least 300 MB of free space, but for each project on the machine you may need additional free space for run time data logged by the server as well as the configuration data of the project on the hard drive which you have created the project. The amount of free space needed is completely related to the number of alarms and data logged by the system on every day work. In addition you always need to watch the disk free space to avoid data loss.

17. Which soft wares are required for reporting?

Because the HPI reporting is based on Microsoft Excel 2007, to design and get reports on HPI data you need this software installed on your PC. If you don‘t want to use basic reports of HPI, then you don‘t need this software.

18. How can I activate the trial version of HPI?

There are two activation methods available: activation over the Internet and activation using a license file.
To activate your version of software over the Internet, select the appropriate option in Activation Wizard dialog and click on Next button. In the next dialog enter the activation key provided with the CD-ROM of the product and select Next. Now wait until the wizard obtains a license from the license server.

19. What kinds of Scripts can be used in HPI?

There are three types of scripts available in HPI:
· Server scripts: This type of scripts will run on DIS server.
· Script modules: Script modules are containers of all functions, variables, classes, etc. which will be used all over the project.
· Graphic page script: Each graphic page can have a script file which will run on an HPI client when the graphic page opens on that client.

20. Can I change the programming language of a script?

You cannot change the programming language of a script after creation unless you remove and then recreate it.

21. What kinds of names are acceptable for nodes?

Only English characters, numbers and “_” are acceptable on names. Name should start with a character.
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