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Connected Home Platform

APAT Connected Home Platform (CHP) is all you need to make your home smart and connected. Integration of the APAT smart hubs and the monitoring system creates an end-to-end platform suitable for home and building automation. Ranging from condos to town houses and high rises, APAT platform can control and monitor lightings, locks, shades, temperature and HVAC system. It allows control and monitoring over 100 smart devices through smart hubs. Flexibility, agility, programmability, and unity are the main characteristics of our platform which allow you to bring your dreams into reality.

The power of the platform is built on the integration of three components:

- Home hub: this hub not just connects but unifies your home smart devices from a wide range of vendors. The hub connects the devices into the platform and the platform orchestrates the operation of your smart devices based on your needs.

- Building hub: this hub turns your automated building into a connected building by integrating a wide range of building automation systems into the platform. You can supervisor and control your chiller, HVAC system, cooling towers

- Monitoring and control apps: we provide smart device apps to monitor and control your connected home. Monitoring and control via a browser without the need of app installation makes it easy to use. Our HPI application allows you to configure and program your home from lighting to chillers and HVAC system.