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PCE: Programming and Configuration Environment

DXS PCE (Programming and Configuration Environment) is used for Configuration of the DXS (Modular H/W and Networks/bus structures) and programming the PPCs and other programmable elements of the system like CLDs as well as H1 field devices. This powerful application provides all the tools and facilities that one needs to implement complex control strategies within the DXS platform. A hierarchy of HSE devices (Programmable Process Controllers and Linking Devices) and H1, Modbus and HART devices can be fully defined and configured in the PCE. The programming task can be performed in a Function Block oriented environment. FOUNDATION Fieldbus control strategies can be composed of standard Function Blocks (FB) (all standard basic, advanced and multivariable FBs are supported), APAT’s own pre-written FBs or user written Flexible Function Blocks. The engineer can configure and organize the control network and elements, edit, download and debug control strategies and monitor the digital assets all in the same environment.

Flexible Function Blocks

Implementation of user defined control algorithms is possible using IEC61131-3 languages. The resulting Flexible Function Blocks can be combined with other FF Function Blocks to form complete control strategies.

Function Blocks Scheduling

Easy and user friendly scheduling of Function Blocks is possible either manually or automatically based on efficient optimization algorithms.


Online monitoring of the control strategies using quick trend viewer, parameter viewer, tool tips, and graphical indicators, provides the essential tools for control system commissioning.

Device Library

All standard Foundation Fieldbus devices and their available Function Blocks can be easily imported to the PCE using the EDDL technology. An up-to-date library of registered devices and the corresponding FBs is included in the tool.

Advanced Graphics

Editing, compiling and debugging Flexible Function Blocks(FFBs) written in IEC 61131-3 graphical languages (LD, FBD,SFC) are vastly simplified thanks to the advanced visual programming tools.

Powerful Editors

Auto completion, syntax highlighting, and online code checking, help faster development of control strategies in textual languages (ST and IL).

Parameter Trending

Recent history of the value of the variables used in control strategies can be trended, enabling the engineer to verify the behavior of control algorithm over a period of time.


PCE’s high fidelity embedded simulation engine is a valuable tool for testing user defined control strategies (Flexible Function Blocks) by applying simulated values to the inputs and verifying the outputs behavior.


Uniform MS Windows property grid-based editing, allows easy handling of accessible objects and their parameters. All block variables can be viewed and modified through the watch window in a tabular manner.