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APA Technologies (APAT) designs and produces modern automation and control systems. APAT serves customers in the field of industrial automation and control by developing state of the art control components and systems complying with open industrial standards such as Foundation Fieldbus. The openness, ease of use, high quality and innovative characteristics of APAT products such as DXS Process Control System and HPI Supervisory Control System create added value for the customers and help them to achieve their objectives throughout the life cycle of automation projects.

Supervisory Control Platform

APAT DXS is a complete platform for the automation of manufacturing processes. DXS consists of two main parts, DXS Supervisory Control Platform and the DXS Process Control Platform. DXS Supervisory Control Platform provides a complete set of tools for hardware connect... Read more

Process Control Platform

DXS supervisory platform provides a complete set of tools for hardware connectivity, visualization, analysis, and optimization of industrial data and information, all designed to help boost productivity of manufacturing processes. Advanced 2D Graphics and Animation, Trending Read more

Connected Home Platform

APAT Connected Home Platform (CHP) is all you need to make your home smart and connected. Integration of the APAT smart hubs and the monitoring system creates an end-to-end platform suitable for home and building automation. Ranging from condos to town houses and high rises, APAT platform Read more