Seize the Opportunities of IoT

APAT extensible portfolio of IoT products/solutions enables service and solution providers to grab the best of opportunities in market. Wide range of products including an IoT platform and several IoT-based edge and fog devices make the market entry smoother, cheaper, and faster.

Accelerating IoT

idea-to-solution time

Opening the IoT
market to SMEs
and start-ups

Decreasing initial
and operation costs


Cloud-Based M2M/IoT Platform

Managing complicated systems, being quite common these days, is not a trivial task. Any system trying to address this issue shall be versatile enough to encompass several functionalities not usually offered by a single IoT platform. APAT IoCT (Internet of Complex Things) platform is designed to handle this complexity through various functionalities and tools that are essential for efficient handling of such systems. These functionalities range from programming of embedded systems to machine learning and AI applications.